Salon Description

Yakar is currently creating an intellectual and cultural Salon in the basement of the synagogue that will engage people from across the secular and religious spectrum. The Salon will host lectures, debates and cultural performances- creating an atmosphere that is challenging, intimate and welcoming. We have already hired a program coordinator and hope to officially open in July.

Taking it Offline 

A weekly Tel Aviv meet-up in which a chosen topic is discussed in small groups of two to threes over a beverage. 

In a world that is complex and attention spans are short, trying to make sense of things is hard. There's a lot to think about, even more to care (or not) about. You seem to be reading articles that confirm what you already believe. Yet other people seem to see things a whole lot differently. Online it can be hard to find the nuance and to find the people who will challenge you in good faith. So we're taking it offline, in the hope that we can foster dialogues that go beyond the latest Tweet Storm or Facebook Rant.  

Every Monday at 20:00

Yakar Tel Aviv | 6 Jericho Street |  03-5463555 |     יקר תל אביב |

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