"צו החיים תן וקח. כך נברא העולם; שכל אדם יהיה משפיע ומקבל, ומי משאין בו שניהם כאחד - הריהו כאילן סרק."  רבי יצחק מזידיטשוב


"A lesson for life: give and take, this is how the world was created so that every individual will influence and receive. And whoever does not have both together as one, he is like a barren tree".


We invite you to help us build and strengthen Yakar's programs and activities, and to invest in the Center's future.  Your contributions are vital in keeping Yakar's vision, community and learning center alive.  


Our donations form is completely secure.

Donations are tax deductible in Israel, U.S., U.K. and Canada.  



Honor the memory of a departed loved one or commemorate the celebration of a family event by sponsoring one of the following Yakar activities:


  • $100 Erev Limmud

  • $150-$400 Kiddush

  • $250 Tefillat Yeladim for one month



Invest in Yakar's future and vision by helping us grow the community, learning, and cultural activities of the Yakar Tel Aviv Center:


  • $2,000 Friday Night Tefillah

  • $3,600 Community Lunch for New Olim

  • $5,000 Donate to the Community Loans Fund – Keren Yetzira 

  • $10,000 Weekly Lecture Series for 1 year

  • $40,000 Open Beit Midrash for 1 year


You can make a donation in any of the following ways:


Bank transfer 

Account name: Ateret Zvi (Yakar)

IBAN: IL 18-0125-7400-0000-0235434


Bank: Hapoalim (no: 12)

Branch: Palmach (no:574)

Account: 235434



Our donation form is completely secure 


To make a tax-deductible donation from the United States,
please make your check out to:


Yakar in the US

Yakar Foundation Inc

410 Ogden Ave


NJ 07666

Yakar in the UK

Yakar Educational Foundation


To send a check within Israel, please mail to:

Yakar - Tradition & Creativity

Halamed Heh 10

Jerusalem, Israel, 93661



Email us at

Yakar Tel Aviv | 6 Jericho Street |  03-5463555 |     יקר תל אביב |

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