Volunteering and Tzedaka

Volunteering at

the Public Home
in Yaffo

For details about joining, search for the Facebook

group שבת אחים גם יפו!

Mondays at 18:15

(once a month) 

For details about joining, search for the Facebook group "השכנים של איכילוב"

Musical Bikkur Cholim at
Ichilov Hospital

Mondays at 19:00

(once a month) 

Keren Yetzira

Keren Yetzira is named in memory of R' Yitzhak and Ruhama Zwebner z”l

Yakar Tel Aviv's Community Loans Fund, was founded to help members of the community by providing interest-free loans as a temporary solution to those experiencing financial difficulties.  (Help the foundation grow by donating now.) 

The foundation, which complies with all legal requirements, is intended for members of the community or people who are connected to the community even if they aren’t members.  Typically, loans are given for a period of a year.  The Foundation maintains complete confidentiality.

We appeal to all members of the community who are in need of assistance to contact us and we will try to help as best we can, in accordance with the funds that are available.


For additional details please contact the secretary at Yakar.



Yakar Tel Aviv | 6 Jericho Street |  03-5463555 |     יקר תל אביב | YouTubeyakar.telaviv@gmail.com

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